Petrus Technical Supplies

Since its establishment in 1951, Petrus Technical Supplies is representing world-leading suppliers of equipment, plants, systems and know-how for the process industries of Israel. Qualified sales force of engineers, assisted by well-experienced back office team, are providing technical and commercial services to our customers.

Supported by our suppliers, we can offer our customers complete solutions starting from trails and process development, continuing with process design & optimization and including preventive maintenance recommendations and installation services.

We have special expertise in highly aggressive processes and are also offering wide range of second-hand equipment with fast deliveries and attractive prices.

With our warehouse in Beer-Sheva we offer sales from local stock and consignation agreements with clients. (Process Glass components and accessories, Glass-Lined spare parts, Mechanical Seals,Tantalum Repair kits, PTFE Nozzle Sleeves, Cryo Lock ® turbines, Gaskets for Glass, Glass-Lined, Stainless steel and Plastic piping ).

Industries Served:

Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Mining, Food, Cosmetics, Plastics, Energy, Optics, Environmental, Water Supply and Treatment, Engineering Companies.

Petrus Optics & Special glass solutions department

The department comprises of qualified sales and marketing optic engineer which provides solution for the Israeli market.

We supply innovative optical components and systems that are based on the wide range of our best supplier products.

With the assistance of our suppliers, we provide full support from feasibility studies to the building of a Prototype.

Product Range:

Special glass, optical elements such as filters, tubing, lens, includes spherical, aspherical, achromatic and cylindrical lenses, both with and without coatings, optical coating, Beam splitters, windows, Prisms etc.….


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