CI Precision

For over 50 years CI Precision has remained a world class manufacturer, an innovator and market leader in weighing and sorting equipment for precision industries.

Designed to comply with the highest GMP standards required by the pharmaceutical and food industries, providing high accuracy equipment together with money saving performances and downtime saving.

Product range:

Bio Pharma Equipment

SADE SP weight sorters
The SADE SP weight sorters designed to meet the pharmaceutical industry most stringent requirements and as stated in the pharmacopoeias.
The ability to sort EVERY tablet, capsule, or soft gel to a high accuracy, gives you absolute peace of mind and safeguards your investment.

SP and MX weight sorters
The SP and MX weight sorters are designed to comply with the highest GMP standards and are ideally suited to situations where you need to accurately weight-sort every item, without time-consuming setup and clean-down between different product batches.