Charge Point

ChargePoint Technologies Ltd. is the trusted pharmaceutical, biological and chemicals containment and aseptic processing specialist, enabling sterile, safe and reliable powder transfer.

Containment split Valves
The PharmaSafe®, and AseptiSafe® split valve range for powders offer the highest levels of operator protection, optimized product quality, increased sterility assurance, a simple in-process sterilization and high containment performance for chemicals and hazardous products. All through validated containment performance.

ChargeBag® PE-S Bags
The single use ChargeBag® PE-S is a high Integrity powder transfer bag.
Reducing the risks associated with cross contamination and eliminating the time and expense associated with cleaning and validation, the ChargeBag® can be used for transfer, storage and shipping of materials in a safe and sterile manner.

ChargeBottle® Containers
The ChargeBottle® containers range provides a sterile powder containment to any purpose. The polypropylene ChargeBottle® P, the HDPE ChargeBottle® P2, and the robust stainless steel ChargeBottle® M provides an easy to handle powder transfer containers, made from FDA compliant materials.