Bekum Company, formed in 1959, is a global market leader in designing and building blow molding machines, with a unique product range of innovative, top-quality machine solutions and world class service.
Bekum developed countless inventions and patents that now rank among the industry standards for blow molding machines. For example, almost all of the extrusion blow molded plastic bottles, which are in production today, are produced using technology invented by Bekum.

Product range:

Blow molding

Among BEKUM products

The “H” series
The highest selling H-series from Bekum Corporation requires very little floor space due to its compact design. With automatic central lubrication and a centralised service connection, the H-series is the inexpensive and high-performance blow-moulding machine with short delivery times.

The xBLOW series are available as an electric (EBLOW), hydraulic (HYBLOW) and hybrid version. Machines for a very high output capacity, in particular for containers with handles.

The BA series
The BA Series offer both continuous and discontinuous extrusion of complex resins, extremely precise, high tonnage clamping systems, and full automation in mono-layer and co-extrusion.