CALEVA process solutions

Caleva is a leading British company specializing for over 40 years in designing and manufacturing powder processing equipment for the pharma industry, such as Extruders and Spheronizers.

Caleva products range starts at the lab scale equipment for the development phase and up to full production scale.

Caleva lab equipment was designed with an easy and fast scaleup in mind, enabling a simple transition from the lab production phase and into full production. Caleva also supports its clients in choosing the right technology for the development phase and transitioning from the lab scale to production scale.

Product range:

Bio Pharma Equipment

Mixing & Granulation
High shear granulation equipment for Mixing and granulation

Equipment that can extrude as little as 10g of material, all the way up to 150kg per hour

From lab scale spheronization equipment up to full production size. Making scale up easy and consistent

Coating/drying tablets and pellets
Coat from a single tablet up to 150 tablets in a single batch

Rheology of wet masses
Quantify the characteristics of your wet mass to correctly determine the end point of your granulation