Petrus Group

Petrus Group is active in the Israeli market as a representative of leading global suppliers of equipment, plants and materials for the process industries of Israel.

Max M. Petruschka, after whom the company is named, began supplying machinery to Israel newly emerging process industries, between the end of the Second World War and the Israeli War of Independence.

Petrus Technical Supplies Ltd. was officially registered in June 1951.

During the 50’s and the 60’s the company knowhow, reliability and long term service approach, established its bonds both to our clients and to our principals.
The company grew and expanded together with the increase of the projects in the market and industry investments.

Petrus Chemicals and Materials Ltd.

In the 80’s the company took some steps to broaden its basis: Sales managers were accepted as partners, a daughter company, Petrus Chemicals and Materials Ltd. was established and a sister company, Petrus Industries Ltd. started as a manufacturing supplier to the semi-conductor industry.

Petrus Technlogies Ltd.

In 2012, the company further expanded with the foundation of another daughter company, Petrus Technologies Ltd. which specialized in fluids handling and in graphite equipment.

With our highly qualified sales force, we are providing technical as well as commercial support to the major industrial plants in Israel and are considered as one of the major suppliers of equipment, know-how, systems and chemicals to all the local industries.

Petrus vision is to expand our ongoing activity while keeping the leadership, professionalism, quality service and excellent relations with our client and suppliers