Petrus Technologies

Petrus Technologies

Petrus technologies has been founded in 2012 and acting as a sister company to Petrus technical supplies. The company is focused on process equipment to the chemical, Petrochemical, water and energy industries mainly pumps, valves and Graphite equipment.

In each one of these sectors we represent market world leading companies.

Petrus technologies in preserving Petrus technical supply legacy and service awareness which defined us in our 65 years of existence. We hope to continue and provide commercial and technical support to all Israeli major industrial plants and key “know how” providers.

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Our product spectrum :

•   Acid treatment plants

•   Compressors

•   Heat exchangers

•   Liquid/ solid separation equipment

•   PTFE lined equipment

•   Pumps

•   Valves


Our Suppliers :

•   Bornemann

•   Bran+ Luebbe

•   Colossus

•   ITT Engineered Valves

•   Met- Pro

•   Nash

•   Pibiviesse

•  Richter

•   SGL Carbon

•   Sundyne

•   Sundyne-PPI

•   Westech

•   Wilden

Our Team