SGL Group – The Carbon Company, is one of the worldwide leading manu-facturers of carbon-based products. The global structure includes 47 production sites throughout the world and  a service network covering over 100 countries.

Due to the exceptional chemical resistance characteristics of Graphite SGL process technology (PT) business unit specialize in Graphite equipment for corrosive applications.

With more than 50 years of expiriance SGL PT is a supplier of solutions to various needs of the process industry in the following fields.

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PETRUS TECHNOLOGIES represent SGL PT in Israel with a considerable number of equipment units installed in the Israeli Chemical, Pharmaceutical and mining industries.

Product Range ⇒

Graphite & Silicon Carbide heat exchangers

PTFE lined equipment – columns, expension bellows, hoses & pipes

High alloy and Graphite pumps

Complete systems for handling and manufacturing of acids

Company website ⇒

Contact: Amir Keren, , Phone: +972-9-9587670 Ex. 242 , Cell: +972-50-6721422