For over 150 years, EIRICH is one of the leading mixer manufacturers, offering machines with outstanding performance and reliability.

The special feature of the Eirich intensive mixer is that it separates the transportation of the mix from the actual mixing process. This results in numerous process design advantages which make Eirich intensive mixers unique throughout the world and has become a synonym for optimum mixing technology.

The core areas of expertise are continuous and discontinuous processes for mixing, granulating/pelletizing, drying and fine grinding.

The EIRICH mixers range from 1 Liter mixers to 12,000 Liter per batch.

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Main application areas include concrete, dry mortar, plasters, building materials, sand lime bricks, ceramics, refractories, glass, carbon bodies, friction linings, battery compounds for rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries, metallurgy, foundry molding sand, environmental protection.

Product Range:

EIRICH Intensive mixers

Granulating & Pelletizing technology

Advantages of the mixing system

Mixing principle 

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