Stilmas is an industrial and engineering Italian leading Company specialized in the research, design, development and construction of high technology plants for the pharmaceutical, biopharma, electronic, cosmetic and food processing industries for Purified water, Water for injection and Pure steam.

The company’s scope is the design, the production, the assembly and installation of such plants, of special equipment and instruments with energy saving achievements. The organization allowsthe completion and extension of both activity and study.

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Product range:

Purified water (PW) plant – Reverse Osmosis ( RO) double stage, RO+ Electro Deionization (EDI) and also HPW plant by RO+EDI+ Ultrafiltration (UF).

Water for injection (WFI) distillation systems – Multiple effect and Thermocompressor Still (Mascarini and ThermoPharma models)

Ultra Pure Steam Generators (PSG)

Storage tanks, pumps and distribution loops for PW, WFI and PS , heat exchangers and sanitization tools

Validation services

PharmaStill Multiple effect

Thermocompressor Still

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Contact : Hilla Shniper,  , Phone: +972-9-9587670 Ex. 281 , Cell:+972-50-7402086