PIBIVIESSE was established in 1981 by three partners combining the forge master expertise with the experience in ball valve design, manufacturing and marketing.

Pivibiesse aiming at delivering a solution to every customer needs and have the capabilities to reach a pressure rating of API 15,000 or ANSI 2500 with valves up to 64” diameter.

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Product Range:

Cage ball™ ball valves - These revolutionary control valves, designed for extremely

difficult working conditions.

Trunion mounted On/off  ball valves – The ball is supported by bearing plates, held in position by the valve closures.

This configuration allows smoother operation and minimizing the operating torque.

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Contact: Amir Keren, amirk@petrus.co.il , Phone: +972-9-9587670 Ex. 242 , Cell: +972-50-6721422