EKATO SYSTEMS provides state-of-the-art complete mixing systems, drying systems and process plants for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industry.

The systems are based on decades of experience and are constantly improved to meet todays and tomorrows demanding requirements. The scope varies from single units to complete turn-key installations, including full automation and GMP compliant execution.

EKATO SYSTEMS offers a complete package,including not only equipment supply, but also lab & pilot trails, process consulting, optimization on site, scale up grantee and 24 hours service.

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SOLIDMIX: Mixers and dryers for solids – drying, mixing, granulation, melting, heating, cooling,wetting and much more.

UNIMIX: Vacuum process mixing systems – homogenizing, dispersing, blending, mixing,emulsion.

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Contact: Ariel Klasquin, Ariel@Petrus.co.il , Office +972-9-9587670 Ext. 271, Cell: +972-50-5437333