EKATO RMT is leading in the development and manufacture of customized industrial agitators, complete plants and mechanical seals for all process-oriented branches for over 85 years.

The company offers complete solutions from a single source including 24 hours service, modification and modernization, preventive maintenance, process development and process optimization. A wide range of engineering services such as analysis of process-side requirements using trials in laboratory scale, modern simulation and calculation methods (CFD, FEM) and scale-up to production scale can be offered within easy reach. 

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Product Range

Reactor agitators – Powerful agitators (up to 3.5 MW ) for extended operating periods and available in all arrangements.

Compact Agitators HWL A – designed for open vessels or low pressure.

Coaxial Agitators – high performance units equipped with two universal impeller systems each with an independent drive system.

Magnetic Safety Agitators – magnetic drive prevents product leakage by using a hermetic seal between product and environment.

Side-Entry Agitators for FGD – used in absorber towers of flue gas desulfurization plants of coal fired power plants.

Hydrogenation Plants – turnkey hydrogenation plants – your fast lane to production.

Lab & Pilot Plants – testing facilities and pilot plants for reliable scale up.

Photochemical Reactors – new syntheses by stirred Photoreactors, turnkey from one source.

Impellers - especially developed for process mixing and drying and the perfect basis for optimized processes.

Advanced sealing technology - Own brand EKATO ESD for mechanical seals and seal supply systems.

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Contact: Ariel Klasquin, Ariel@Petrus.co.il , Office +972-9-9587670 Ext. 271, Cell: +972-50-5437333