EKATO FLUID is a member of EKATO GROUP. The company was founded in 1982 as a specialist for economically customized agitators.

Being part of the EKATO group, enables FLUID to deliver high level customized agitators, suitable to simple and complex processes, with attractive prices and short lead times.

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The company focus on 4 main production lines :

Industrial agitators – The proven industrial agitator EM 2000, suitable for operation with a mechanical seal

Side entry agitators - The Side entry agitator ES 2000, installed on the side of the vessel jacket

Agitators of particularly robust design - The durable single agitator FD, suitable for unpressurized applications

Agitators for small volumes –  Small agitator for small vessels FGL, suitable for pressurizes up to 7 bar abs

Allrounder Agitators – compact agitators with direct motor drive or with a helical gearbox including a gear pin

Side-Entry for Storage Tanks –agitators for storage tanks of different sizes fix installed

Swivel Side- Entry Agitators – agitators for storage tanks of different sizes with horizontal swiveling area

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Contact : Ariel Klasquin, Ariel@Petrus.co.il , Office +972-9-9587670 Ext. 271, Cell: +972-50-5437333