Branch Environmental supplies custom built pollution control equipment for industry. The air pollution control equipment can clean up acids, organics, aerosols and mist to meet any emission control standards. The equipment is also used for water treatment, including removal of volatile organics, ammonia and other gases.

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Products Range:

Scrubbers – Wet Scrubbers with Packed Towers, Venturi Scrubbers, Jet Venturi Scrubbers, Impingement Scrubbers.

Oxidizers – Oxidizers for VOC control including Thermal Oxidation (TO), Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), Catalytic Oxidation, Solvent Concentration

Air Strippers – Air Strippers for water purification, Counter-flow Columns, Ammonia Stripping.

NOx – Aeration Columns, NOx removal, Carbon Adsorption Systems.

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Contact: Amir Keren, , Office +972-9-9587670 Ext. 242, Cell: +972-50-6721422