The AZ ARMATUREN group, founded in 1963, is a worldwide leader manufacturer of plug valves.

The group holds four plants and two foundries who manufacture high quality industrial valves and accessories from 2 way plug valves to multiway valves.

Construction materials varies from stainless steel to exotic metals such as Nickel, Titanium, Zirconium and others.

Field of applications

Paper industries, chemicals industries, refineries, food industry, nuclear power plants, fertilizer (Ammonia application), seawater desalination and others.


Product Range ⇒

Plug valve with heating jacket

High pressure plug valve

Teflon lined plug valve

Five-way to seven-way plug valve

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Amir Keren : , Office +972-9-9587670 Ext. 242, Cell: +972-50-6721422

Zohar Cohen : , phone :+972-9-9587670 Ex. 272, Cell:+972-50-2583763